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Life in the Dark


"Life in the Dark" The Felice Brothers

A visual album created for the Felice Brother's album "Life In The Dark", that runs 37 minutes long. Created by Josh Rawson.

When I was a preteen, after a major dental operation, my head now swirling with painkiller, I returned home to attempt work on an art project, only to accidentally drink a perhaps lethal dose of rubbing alcohol. I found myself in bed with a quilt over my head while Joni Mitchell's "Blue" blasted from my mother's bedroom. Convinced I was dying, while all the chemicals combined as I drifted to sleep, it felt like Joni, the Canadian sorceress, was painting a river of images on my eyelids. I tried to recreate that exact same experience for the viewers at home, only with "Life in the Dark" bleeding in from your mom's stereo and the Internet Archive exploding under your covers, in an orgy of home movies, volcanoes, cartoons, daytime westerns, wartime reels, and educational films, thatfall and bend and spill all 'round you. You will laugh and cry to the sounds of the horror and wonder of our modern condition as the videos stream like rubbing alcohol before your eyes.