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The Felice Brothers' 9th studio album Life In The Dark is out June 24 and available for preorder now: "When I was a preteen, after a major dental operation, my head now swirling with painkiller, I returned home to attempt work on an art project, only to accidentally drink a perhaps lethal dose of rubbing alcohol.
Chronicles the turbulent life and times of doomed loser musical act The Snopes Family. This misunderstood and controversial film suites the misunderstood and controversial band like tears and tissue paper. You may note why it has remained unreleased until now.

Music Videos

Conor Oberst's "A Little Uncanny" from his 2017 album, Salutations. Video directed by Josh Rawson, Director of Photography Frankie Turiano, Produced by Alex Knapp and Katrina Bayoneto

Lyric video for "Cherry Licorice" from The Felice Brother's album Favorite Waitress

"Lion" from The Felice Brothers' new album 'Favorite Waitress.' Directed by Josh Rawson.

"Fire at the Pageant" from The Felice Brothers' album "Celebration, Florida." Directed by Josh Rawson.  




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